Learn to Coupon

So here’s the low down on how to save on Organic Foods while shopping with Coupons.

1st: Gather Coupons: Which means you need to know where to get them. This site will have the MOST recent and up to date coupons for all Organic and NON GMO items. (I try at least)

If you’re not finding them here, here’s some other places to go look!

  • Facebook– depending on what brand you want to follow, many brands publish coupons on their Facebook page. Follow Organic food companies you like and you’re bound to run across a coupon once in awhile.

In order to print ANY of these coupons you will have to Install coupon printers, depending on the source you’re printing from.  This essentially limits the number of times you can print a coupon.  Standard is 2 times per computer, per coupon.  If you find a great coupon, find multiple printers!


How to use coupons:  There’s two types of coupons: manufacturer coupons and store coupons specific to that store.  Examples are Whole foods and Target.  They both put out coupons with their logo/name on the coupon.  Store specific coupons are only accepted at that store.

Manufacturer coupons are found at coupons.com, redplum, smart source and many other websites online, or your local paper. These coupons are a general coupon that all stores will take, granted they carry the product.  Also all manufacturer coupons have a 5 or 9 on them.  If it’s a 5 you can double it at certain stores.  If it’s a 9 it does not double. Example below:

For stores that offer store specific coupons, you can use BOTH the store coupon and the manufacturer coupon on one item.  Example is go to target.com/coupons and find target coupons.  They also carry Manufacturer coupons so make sure you read the coupon before you use them!  Example below:

Then go to coupons.com, you might find a few coupons for the same brands.  Print these! You can use both of these coupons at target!  For this reason and the cartwheel app alone, I LOVE Target couponing.

Target specific shopping tips:  Sign up for target coupons on your text messages.  Text message OFFERS to 827438 and/or BABY to 827438 to start receiving those text messages.

  • Use the cartwheel app online or on your phone.  Save 5-50% daily on certain items.
  • Use your manufacturer and target coupons.
  • So, all in all at Target you can use 3 forms of discount:  Target coupons/text messages, cartwheel discounts and manufacturer coupons.


It may sound time consuming but 20 mins is usually all I need to get my list together and coupons arranged!  I do this by using my site and arranging the coupon posts under tags!


Next I use Ibotta, Checkout 51, and BerryCart to get rebates and money back on my purchases that qualify!  To learn more about each rebate app, click the links.

AND that folks is how to coupon quick, fast, and organic!

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