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How I went Ruby with Itworks and Earned a $1,000 bonus

In March of this year, I became an ItWorks Independent Distributor. I have a goal this year, and it’s to stay home with my babies!  I’m tired of paying for daycare.  I’m tired of spending money on someone else raising my babies.  I’ve come to realize I would actually love to have a 3rd child, but I can’t afford the daycare.…

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My 2nd Month as an ItWorks Distributor

Well I’m a few weeks late writing this post because frankly I’ve been working!  Yes, working my full time job, working on my blog, and working my new ItWorks business.  Did I also mention I’m getting my Masters in Nursing right now?  lol I must hate sleep. Really that and I’m super motivated to provide a life for my family…

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ItWorks Cleanse Review

Six years ago was the first time I tried a cleanse.  I was trying to get pregnant and after 6 months of no success I began trying other approaches to help my health and reproductive system.  I saw a liver detox cleanse at Whole Foods and bought it.  I spent about $44 on it and took about 9 pills a…

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Lip&Eye from ItWorks – My Personal Results

In December I turned 35.  That was 5 months ago and today, I can actually say my eyes are looking better.  There are no affiliate links in this post…I really wanted to share with all the other 35+ ladies out there an amazing product that has helped my eyes to recover…from looking OLD. It was the end of January and…

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My 1st Month as an ItWorks Distributor

My 1st Month as an ItWorks Distributor – The Truth

It’s officially been a month since I decided to start a new business and become an ItWorks Distributor!  When I first signed up, I really had no idea what to expect.  To be honest, I was a little overwhelmed.  How was I going to find time for this?  I work full time, I’m getting my Masters in Nursing Education and…

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