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Last year I joined a MLM company, ItWorks!, as a distributor.  I worked my tail off and gained the rank as a Ruby Distributor. (2 levels up in the company).  My work consisted of parties at home, at places of work and online.  

Often during my in-person parties I would sell some of my own product.  Many people didn’t have the cash to pay but wanted to pay me via credit card.  It was an opportunity to make some quick cash! But how would I accept a credit card?

 A card reader for my smart phone was what I needed!  I was my own business, so why not treat it like one?  

A solution like Merchant Account Solutions is what I needed!
There are so many Mom businesses out there with no access to accept credit cards…like I was.  Once I started using a card reader, my in-home parties became very successful and much more lucrative.  Why have a business if you can’t accept a credit card? It’s crazy and a missed opportunity for funds!

Merchant Account Solutions offers the lowest credit card processing fees to all types of businesses-small or big.

By making the right choice when it comes to merchant account service providers, it can make all the difference in the world to your business.

Your merchant account service provider should offer great options like a free online merchant account while still maintaining good prices and low fees overall. You can read more about merchant account solutions on

Imagine all the money making opportunities you’ll have as a MLM, trade show vendor, crafty mom, you name it.  Being able to accept credit cards is vital nowadays.  Who carries cash anymore?  (I know I don’t)

Best of all the equipment is FREE! That’s a $500 value.  And it comes with an app, so you can track your sales and watch your income grow!

Learn more about having your own credit card processing solution here.


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