36 Things About Me

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 26th ummm I mean 36th birthday!  Birthdays are not quite as exciting in your mid to late 30’s as they once were.  So instead of having a big celebration, I spent the day with family, drinking coffee and wine, lounging in yoga pants and bowling.  You know, the quintessential 30 something mom day.  #Fabulous. 

One of my favorite fashion blogs, Dress Cori Lynn, recently had a birthday as well and posted a fun post that I’m totally copying.  

36 things about me to celebrate my 36-year-old self.  

Here it goes:

  1.  I have a huge jewelry collection and rarely wear any of it!  I’m always in such a hurry I forget to accessorize…this year I’m making it a point to wear a new/old item everyday!  (Rocksbox is why it’s so big!)
  2. I LOVE playing board games.  I know I’m a nerd but it’s a fun way to compete with friends and family and have fun while sitting around in sweats.  (If you know of a good newer game leave it in the comments). 
  3. I’m seriously afraid of spiders.  A few years ago one bit me at work and left fang marks.  I bled, flipped out and still have the heebee jeebies from it! (I now have a designated spider killer for me at work! She knows if I scream it’s probably a bug). 
  4. Throwing up is the single most frightening thing to me.  I cry like a baby when I do it and make a huge deal about it.  “HELP ME” usually is all I say.  Lol. 
  5. I’m a RN!  You’d think I could handle being sick myself but nope.  
  6. I’m getting my Masters in Nursing (done this fall..whop whop) in education.  One day I may use it, until then I love my full time job working as a school nurse. 
  7. I love dancing and don’t do it enough. (Unless you count in the car and when I’m cleaning).  My kids get to watch my 2000’s dance moves and laugh.  
  8. One day I want to play in a real poker tournament in Vegas.  I should probably play more poker now that I think about it. 
  9. I want to learn to speak Spanish!  (I’m Mexican and Spanish and speak a little spanglish…but I want to learn it once and for all).  
  10. Cheese is my favorite food.  If I ate less cheese I’d probably be 10 lbs lighter.  Eh you only live once. 
  11. One day I’d like to be on a gameshow…maybe Jeopardy.  I’d lose miserably.  
  12. I LOVE music.  My mood is set by what I listen too…and I don’t discriminate on any genre.  My playlists can be very odd, including Sade, Dierks Bentley, Fleetwood Mac and Tupac….I can’t help it. I like what I like.  (Except heavy metal.  That’s not music. That’s noise). 
  13. I met my husband at a Mexican restaurant that’s famous for their strong Margaritas.  I gave him some tequila shots that night (cause he seemed shy at first) and the rest is history. 
  14. I have 2 kids.  They’re my world.  
  15. If I had 3 wishes, they would be: Wish 1: to spend a day with my Dad.  
  16. Wish 2: Dogs would be able to talk.  Like humans
  17. Wish 3: to win the lottery of course…talking dogs first.  Then money.  😉
  18. I cry when I’m frustrated.  
  19. When I was little I wanted to become an Anesthesiologist.  What little kid dreams of administering legal drugs to people while they’re in surgery? I did.  (I became a nurse instead).
  20. Nursing is a 2nd career for me.  I was in Marketing and Advertising for 8 years.  I realized I wanted more out of my days, besides selling products for companies, so I became  nurse. 
  21. Having nursing knowledge has made me a crazy mom.  I know too much.  Ignorance is bliss as they say. (EVERYONE always has norovirus lol.  Ask my husband).
  22. I want to travel abroad in the next year.  My husband kind of knows this.  Consider this my official announcement.  (Sans children of course).  Italy anyone?
  23. I love watching movies!  It’s the best way to relax and think about nothing but the movie!
  24. I’ve had surgery 4 times.  2 c-sections and 2 tumor removals from my left shoulder. (Lipomas)  Most recently in November.  10 days later we went on vacation and my shoulder hurt the whole time. ugh. 
  25. I can play the flute.  I started in 5th grade and did it for 4 years.  I still remember all the keys and notes.  
  26. I WISH I could play the guitar.  Maybe after I finish my masters I’ll start guitar lessons.  My voice will never be apt to sing with it, but at least I would be able to play it right! 🙂
  27. Disney vacations are one of my favorite… for many reasons.  1st seeing the look on my kids face in Disney is priceless.  2nd, my husband and I are both big kids.  So naturally we love Disney. 
  28. I used to breakdance in college.   lol.  Ok let me explain this more.  I took a breakdancing class in college for 1 credit.  It was awesome.  I still can do the holds on the floor…although I’ve forgotten the rest of the moves.  #Kangol forever.  
  29. To go along with my awesome moves, I also wanted to scratch records in my youth.  Ha.  If my child now told me I want to break dance and DJ I’d be so mad.  That was me.  I tried a few times and it was hard.  
  30. I learned how to snowboard late in my 20’s.  It was also hard, but so worth it now.  I love doing a run…then drinking…repeat.  #howiroll
  31. I have 2 tattoos….well actually 4.  My first was a butterfly I got on Dec 31, 1999 with my best friend.  She also has a butterfly and is still my BFF (and children’s godmother).  My 2nd, 3rd and 4th are three birds flying on my left side, below my armpit.  (OMG it hurt there!!)  The birds are for my late father, and represent my sisters and I.  He loved Bob Marley and 3 little birds has had significance in my family since I was a kid.  So the tattoo was for him.  My aunt, niece and sister all have the same birds on them as well.  
  32. I’m a 3rd generation Colorado native and so is my husband. (Which is very rare)
  33. When I travel I can’t read or look at my phone because I get car sick, sea sick, air sick.  It sucks.  
  34. I love using essential oils in my home and on myself.  (Sometimes on my kids but rarely).  I’ve been using them for 5 years now.  I plan on sharing more about how I use oils on my blog soon.  
  35. I had my eyebrow pierced when I was 15.  My dad took me to a tattoo shop to get it done. (This was before everyone had them).  The following  months at school none of the teachers knew what it was and all acted like I had 3 heads.  Later I pierced my nose, bellybutton, tragus and along my ear cartilage.  I liked piercings when I was young.  😉  
  36. I love love love my blog and especially love connecting with others through it!  Making friends all around the world is the best part of blogging!  Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me…cheers to 36 being and amazing year. 

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